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What paint do professional painters use for cabinets?

What paint do professional painters use for cabinets

Expert Advice on Choosing the Best Kitchen Cabinet Paint

Are you ready to give your kitchen a new look? Painting your cabinets is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to update your space. But, with so many choices, how do you pick the best paint for your kitchen cabinets? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! In this post, we’ll share expert advice on choosing the best paint colour and type for your cabinets, so they’re both beautiful and long-lasting. Say goodbye to dated cabinetry and hello to a gorgeously remodelled kitchen in no time!

When it comes to selecting the best paint for your kitchen cabinets, there are a few factors to consider. The type of paint, the finish, and the colour are all important considerations for the overall appearance of your cabinets.

Paint Style

The first decision you must make is the type of paint you intend to use. Paint is classified into two types: oil-based and water-based. Oil-based paints are more durable and yellow less over time, but they are also more difficult to work with and necessitate more preparation. Water-based paints are easier to work with and require less preparation, but they are less durable and can yellow over time.


The next decision you must make is the finish for your cabinets. Finishes are classified into three types: high gloss, semi-gloss, and satin. High gloss finishes are very shiny and effectively reflect light, but they are also more prone to scratches and fingerprints. Semi-gloss finishes have less shine than high-gloss finishes, but they are still glossy and reflective. They are also more scratch and fingerprint resistant than high gloss finishes. Satin finishes appear matte and have very little shine. They don’t reflect light well, but they’re extremely scratch and fingerprint resistant.


You must select a colour for your cabinets. You can go with a neutral colour such as white, black, grey, or beige. Choose colours such as red, blue, green, or yellow for a more striking appearance. Whatever colour you choose should complement the overall design scheme of your kitchen as well as the other colours in the room.

It’s time to start painting your cabinets after you’ve decided on the type of paint, finish, and colour. For the best results, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper application and use the appropriate tools and materials. With a little preparation and careful application, your kitchen cabinets will look brand new in no time!

What is the best paint for kitchen cabinets?

Because the kitchen is the heart of the home, selecting the right paint for your kitchen cabinets is critical. Cabinet paint should be long-lasting and simple to clean, while also complementing the style of your kitchen.

On kitchen cabinets, you can use two types of paint: latex and oil-based. Latex paint lasts longer and is easier to clean, whereas oil-based paint has a more traditional appearance. If you’re unsure about which paint to use, consult a professional at your local hardware store.

When selecting a colour for your cabinet paint, keep in mind that light colours will make your kitchen feel larger and brighter, whereas dark colours will make it feel cozier. If you’re not sure what colour to go with, ask your local hardware store for samples so you can try them out in your kitchen before making a final decision.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Oil-Based Paint

Because it produces a smooth, durable finish, oil-based paint is one of the most popular finishes for kitchen cabinets. However, there are some drawbacks to using oil-based paint, such as how difficult it is to work with and clean up. Here are some benefits and drawbacks of oil-based paint to help you decide if it’s right for your kitchen cabinets:

– Produces a smooth, long-lasting finish
– Resists stains and scratches
– Is simple to touch up

– Can be difficult to work with
– Requires proper ventilation when painting
– Can be difficult to clean up

When it comes to painting cabinets, professional painters typically opt for oil-based paint. This classic choice is a popular option because it provides a long-lasting finish that can be used on both wood and laminate surfaces. It’s no secret that kitchen renovations can be time-consuming, so the durability of oil-based paint is especially important when it comes to high-traffic areas like cabinets. However, it’s worth noting that this type of paint does have its downsides. Oil-based paints tend to dry slowly and emit an unpleasant odor during application, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Despite these drawbacks, many professionals still choose oil-based paints for their superior performance in terms of durability and versatility in cabinet painting projects.