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Cabinet Refinishing Sherwood Park

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Merle Bernadine
Merle Bernadine
Awesome deal and incredible refinishing job on our oak kitchen cabinets which are now a beautiful off white. Thank you Cabinet Refinishing Sherwood Park for the attention to detail. We love our new (sort of) kitchen cabinets.
Raymond Jiles
Raymond Jiles
Just wanted to thank Mourad from Cabinet Refinishing in Sherwood Park and his team as they refinished our kitchen cabinets and we couldn't be happier. We saved thousands of dollars vs replacement. Great job everyone Thank you.
Cabinet Refinishing Sherwood Park Alberta
Sherwood Park Alberta Kitchen Cabinet Refacing
Refacing Kitchen Cabinets in Sherwood Park Alberta

Cabinet Refinishing Sherwood Park

Cabinet Refinishing Sherwood Park Alberta

Redoing your kitchen cabinets can go a long way in rejuvenating the way that the entire area looks and feels. When you think that your cabinets have gone through enough wear and tear it could be a good idea to look into refinishing them. That’s exactly where we come in. If you want to have your cabinets restored in any way we can come up with different types of creative solutions to bring them back to their former glory or provide a new look that can go together with other kitchen remodeling efforts.

About Us

For years the idea that many people had when they were thinking about remodeling any part of their home usually involved looking at different types of catalogs. What they would do is just pick out one type of cabinet or other types of furniture and have that installed to rejuvenate the area.

We’re not a company that is ever going to limit your own creativity and possibilities. In contrast, we love getting a chance to explore different looks most of which are not going to be found online or in a catalog someplace. Our goal is to be able to create unique looking home areas for our customers.

Call Cabinet Refinishing Sherwood Park today for your free estimate and turn those dull cabinets into bright new finishes.

Our Services

Our services contemplate being able to fully repair and restore kitchen cabinets of all sorts. In that particular process, we happen to do a lot of painting. If you want to hire us to help you paint larger parts of your home and not only restore cabinets we can do that as well for you. We can help you paint indoor and outdoor structures in homes and businesses. You can count on us to be a major part of any home or building renovation project that you may have in mind.

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Cabinet Refinishing Sherwood Park
kitchen cabinet refinishing in sherwood park alberta
Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

We could say that this is our flagship service, we’ve talked about quite a bit to this point. There are still a couple of things that we want to make sure we point out. For example, we’re going to be able to restore different types of cabinets. Some people get the sense that wooden cabinets are the only ones that can be restored, buy vinyl and other types of cabinets need to forcefully be replaced. That’s not necessarily the case. If you give us a call we can come in and evaluate your situation and give you a set of options to see which procedure fits your needs best.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing
Kitchen Cabinet Refacing
Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

In refinishing we’re going to be reconditioning all of the existing materials within your cabinets. You’ll be keeping the same drawers and doors, but of course, we’re going to be restoring them to potentially even look way different than they did before. In refacing we do remove the existing doors and drawers to bring in new ones. As we mentioned before, we want to present the different options that we have for you before you’re pushed into making a decision about what you want to have done to your kitchen.

I hired these guys to help me with my kitchen cabinets and before I knew it I literally had a new kitchen thanks to them! - Louis Y.

Sherwood Park Kitchen Cabinet Repainting
Kitchen Cabinet Repainting in Sherwood Park
Kitchen Cabinet Repainting

Sometimes cabinets don’t really require a major overhaul to get them looking great once again. Other times when we talk about repainting your cabinets, it’s as part of a full refinishing procedure. One of the major “dangers” that you’ll face when trying to repaint your cabinets on your own or when you hire people who are not pros is that the type of paint that is used to repaint your cabinets won’t work well with the existing surface long term. If you want to guarantee good results your best bet is to call on real cabinet pros!

Residential House Painters in Sherwood Park, AB
Residential Painting in Sherwood Park AB
Residential Painting

It’s not just cabinets that we’re going to be able to help you with. For years, we’d work on restoring cabinets and we’d provide great looking cabinets that in the end wouldn’t match the existing look and feel of the kitchen. That’s when we started offering residential painting services. Most of the first projects that we were involved in were interior painting. Particularly the kitchen area to make sure that the area would be completely restored. These days we can paint virtually any room inside your house as well as external house facades.

A friend recommended that I call these folks to help me paint my house. I was a bit hesitant because they advertise themselves as a kitchen cabinet company, but I took the risk and it was worth it! - Gina E.

Professional Commercial Painting in Sherwood Park AB
Commercial Painting in Sherwood Park, AB
Commercial Painting

The process of how we got into commercial painting is a bit similar. We’ve actually helped people upgrade the look of their interior rooms in all sorts of commercial buildings. We do residential cabinet work if you will in particular types of commercial buildings. What happened was that we ran across the same issue. We’d have people call us for help with doors and drawers and if we weren’t able to provide the total paint job the project would look to have finished. You can count on us to help you complete commercial projects.

Residential House Painting
Residential House Painter in Sherwood Park AB
House Painters

We’ve mentioned how over the years we’ve expanded the range of services that we offer. Now, we also offer house painting services. Again, this is going to include the painting of exterior facades as well as interior walls and ceilings. It’s very important to ensure that we’re using the right type of paint and even technique every single time out. This is going to allow us to guarantee great results no matter what you want us to do for you.

If you’re looking into renovating your kitchen you should consider calling this company up they know what they are doing! - Vanessa U.

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A few of the most common questions we hear from customers. We are always available to answer questions for you. Should you have any questions please reach out to us.

Cabinet Refinishing Sherwood Park is here to help. We have the skill sets and trained staff to handle everything about refinishing, refacing, or repainting cabinets of any kind and all your residential and commercial painting needs.

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